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Triniteen Band


Open to youth in grades 9-12.

The youth band further develops their musical gifts by leading worship during Friday night's youth group.

Find rehearsal, worship leading and song information below.

Friday Rehearsal & Worship Leading

6:30 PM in Annex Basement

Dates to be determined.

6:30 PM: Arrive for rehearsal.

7:30 PM: Lead worship for youth group.

Youth Band Worship Songs

 Feb 23, 2020

10,000 Reasons


What A Beautiful Name

Lead Me To The Cross

Who You Say I Am


New WIne

King of My Heart

Holy Spirit

Lord, I Need You

O Come To The Altar

Build Your Kingdom Here

King of Kings

Good Good Father

Living Hope

Build My Life

God With Us (Ingram/Jordan)

Goodness Of God

Behold The Lamb Of God (Wickham)

So Will I

No Longer Slaves

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