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Children & Youth Worship Team


Open to children in grades 2-5 and youth in grade 6, the Children & Youth Worship Team meets to grow musical gifts and share those gifts with our church community. We meet twice a month, one Sunday to rehearse and one Sunday to lead worship.  

Contact Jodi at for more details or to sign your child up to sing with us.  

Find rehearsal dates, worship leading dates, setlist and song information below!

Rehearsal Sunday, November 12

10:00 - 10:45 AM at Little Trinity House

10:00 AM

Children attending Children's Ministry during the first service will be brought to the worship room on the main floor of Little T House by their CM leaders.  They will miss communion and stay with us to rehearse until the second service starts.


Children attending Children's Ministry during the second service, as well as youth in grade 6,  should be dropped off in the music room of Little T House just before 10 AM.  

10:45 AM 

Children who attended Children's Ministry during the first service are picked up by parents.


Children attending Children's Ministry during the second service will be checked into the care of the Children’s Ministry leaders.

Worship Leading  Sunday, November 26th

Sound Check in church sanctuary

8:00AM (Grade 6)           

8:20 AM (Grades 2-5)

Grade 6 singers will sing all songs in both services.  

Grades 2-5 singers will stay with the worship team for the first service.   We will enjoy time together in the Parish Hall, have a snack and join the worship team during the offertory.  The worship team will lead congregational singing during communion and closing worship. 


For the second service, children in grades 2-5 attend Children's Ministry (parents, please bring your child to CM after the first service!) and return to the sanctuary with their leaders.  I will meet the singers at the front of the church and they will join the worship team after the offertory.  


Be sure to bring a water bottle! 

Children & Youth Worship Team
Set List for November 12 rehearsal and November 26 Service
Songs sung by grades 6 - 12*:
     I Will Sing the Wondrous Story*
     Jesus, Strong and Kind*
Songs sung by grades 2 - 12
     The Peace of God                   

     God I Look to You (with cello)
     Goodness of God (with cello)
     What a Beautiful Name
 (with cello)

All Ages Worship Team Repertoire


The Peace of God

Christ our Hope in Life & Death

Good Good Father

I Am The Way

Love Will Never Fail


The Greatest Commandment

God is So Good (You are Worthy)

Remembers Me


Of God

Nothing to Fear

Blessed are the Merciful

God So Loved

Eternal Life

(John 3:16)

Jesus Strong and Kind

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